amazon twitch to creator with focus


amazon twitch to creator with focus

The rise of live streaming platforms has revolutionized the way we consume media and entertainment. One platform that has stood out in recent years is Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon in 2014. Twitch has become a household name, with millions of daily active users and a growing community of content creators. In this article, we will explore how Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch has transformed the platform into a creator-focused platform, and the impact it has had on the live streaming industry.

Twitch was founded in 2011 as a live streaming platform primarily for gamers. It quickly gained popularity among the gaming community, offering a unique way for gamers to interact with their audience in real-time. In 2014, Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million, a move that raised many eyebrows in the tech community. However, it turned out to be a strategic move that would change the course of Twitch’s future.

One of the first changes that were implemented after the acquisition was the rebranding of Twitch. It was no longer just a gaming platform but was now marketed as a live streaming platform for all types of content creators. This opened the platform to a wider audience, and we saw a surge in non-gaming content, such as talk shows, music, and creative streams. This move also allowed Twitch to compete with other established live streaming platforms like YouTube and Facebook .

Under Amazon’s ownership, Twitch has experienced significant growth, with the number of monthly active users reaching over 140 million in 2020. This growth can be attributed to Amazon’s vast resources and expertise in the e-commerce and media industries. Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, has a deep understanding of the power of content creators and their ability to attract and retain an audience. This has been a driving force behind Amazon’s focus on making Twitch a creator-centric platform.

One of the first initiatives that Amazon introduced to support creators was the Twitch Partner Program. This program offers a range of benefits, including revenue sharing, access to advanced features, and marketing support. To become a Twitch partner, content creators must meet certain requirements, such as having a certain number of followers and streaming hours. This program has been vital in incentivizing creators to continue producing high-quality content and attracting new talent to the platform.

Another significant change that Amazon has brought to Twitch is the introduction of Twitch Prime. This is a premium subscription service for Amazon Prime members that offers exclusive perks, such as ad-free viewing, free games, and monthly channel subscriptions. This has been a game-changer for creators as it provides them with an additional stream of income. As a result, many creators have been able to turn their passion into a full-time career, which was not possible before.

One of the most significant benefits of Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch has been the platform’s improved infrastructure. Before the acquisition, Twitch was known for its frequent outages and lag issues, which affected the viewing experience for both creators and viewers. However, Amazon’s vast cloud computing resources and expertise have helped Twitch to overcome these challenges and provide a more stable and reliable streaming experience.

In addition to infrastructure improvements, Amazon has also invested heavily in developing new features for the platform. One of the most notable features is the introduction of Extensions. These are interactive elements that creators can add to their streams, such as polls, leaderboards, and overlays. These Extensions have not only enhanced the viewing experience for viewers but also provided creators with new ways to engage with their audience and monetize their content.

Another feature that has been a game-changer for creators is the introduction of Twitch Bits. This is a virtual currency that viewers can purchase and use to support their favorite creators. Viewers can use Bits to cheer on a streamer during a live stream, and creators receive a share of the revenue generated from Bits. This has been a significant source of income for creators, with some of the top Twitch streamers earning millions of dollars a year from Bits alone.

Aside from these changes, Amazon has also been actively involved in the development of the live streaming industry as a whole. In 2016, Amazon launched Twitch Creative, a channel dedicated to showcasing the artistic talents of creators on the platform. This has encouraged a new wave of non-gaming content on Twitch and has attracted a new audience to the platform. Furthermore, Amazon has sponsored various events and tournaments, such as TwitchCon, which has helped to elevate the platform’s status and attract more creators.

In conclusion, Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch has been a game-changer for the live streaming industry. It has transformed Twitch from a gaming platform to a creator-focused platform, providing content creators with new opportunities to monetize their content and engage with their audience. With Amazon’s continued investment in the platform, we can expect to see further growth and innovation in the live streaming industry, making Twitch a force to be reckoned with in the world of media and entertainment.

circle internet filter review

In today’s digital age, the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. It provides us with endless information, entertainment, and connectivity. However, with the vast amount of content available on the internet, it is essential to have a way to filter and control what our children are exposed to. This is where the Circle Internet Filter comes in. This article will provide an in-depth review of the Circle Internet Filter and its features, to help parents make an informed decision about whether it is the right tool for their family.

What is the Circle Internet Filter?

The Circle Internet Filter is a device that allows parents to manage and filter their children’s online activities. It was developed by Circle Media Inc. and launched in 2015. The device connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows you to control and monitor the internet usage of all devices connected to the network. This includes smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles.

The Circle Internet Filter is a small round device that can be easily set up in your home. It comes with an app that can be downloaded on your phone to manage the settings. The app is user-friendly and allows you to create individual profiles for each family member and choose the level of filtering for each one.

How does it work?

The Circle Internet Filter works by creating a virtual fence around your home Wi-Fi network. It uses a technique called ARP spoofing to intercept the traffic between your devices and the internet. This allows it to track all the online activities of your family members and apply the appropriate filtering rules.

The device uses a combination of techniques to filter and control internet content. This includes website categorization, keyword filtering, and time limits. It also has the ability to set bedtimes for devices, pause the internet, and track usage statistics. Moreover, the Circle Internet Filter has partnered with Common Sense Media to provide age-appropriate filters for different content categories.

Features of the Circle Internet Filter

1. Website Filtering – The Circle Internet Filter has pre-defined categories for websites, such as social media, gaming, and adult content. Parents can choose which categories to block or allow for each family member. They can also add specific websites to the list.

2. Keyword Filtering – With this feature, parents can block websites that contain specific words or phrases. This is particularly useful for blocking websites that are not classified under any specific category but may contain inappropriate content.

3. Time Limits – The Circle Internet Filter allows parents to set time limits for each device. This means that parents can control the amount of time their children spend on the internet, ensuring a healthy balance between online and offline activities.

4. Bedtime – This feature allows parents to set a bedtime for each device. When the set time is reached, the internet connection for that device will be automatically paused. This ensures that children get enough sleep and reduces the temptation of using the internet late at night.

5. Pause the Internet – The Circle Internet Filter has a “pause” button that allows parents to instantly pause the internet connection for all devices. This can be useful during meal times, family activities, or when it’s time for homework.

6. Usage Statistics – The app provides parents with detailed usage statistics for each family member. This includes the amount of time spent online, the websites visited, and the apps used. This allows parents to have a better understanding of their children’s online habits.

7. Multiple Profiles – The Circle Internet Filter allows parents to create multiple profiles for each family member. This means that each person can have their settings and filtering rules tailored to their age and individual needs.

8. App Management – The app also allows parents to manage the apps installed on their children’s devices. They can choose to block or allow specific apps and monitor the time spent on each one.

9. Guest Network – The Circle Internet Filter has a guest network feature that allows guests to access the internet without having to go through the filtering rules set for family members. This is particularly useful when hosting guests with children.

10. Circle Go – The Circle Internet Filter offers an optional subscription service called Circle Go. This allows parents to extend the filtering and monitoring capabilities of the device to any devices that are connected to a cellular network.

Pros of the Circle Internet Filter

1. User-friendly – The Circle Internet Filter is easy to set up and manage through the app. The app provides a simple and intuitive interface for parents to control and monitor their children’s internet usage.

2. Wide range of filtering options – With its various filtering features, parents can have better control over the online content their children have access to. This includes both websites and apps.

3. Customizable profiles – The option to create different profiles for each family member allows parents to tailor the filtering rules according to their children’s age and needs.

4. Time management – The Circle Internet Filter helps parents manage the amount of time their children spend online. This ensures a healthy balance between online and offline activities.

5. Usage statistics – The detailed usage statistics provided by the app give parents a better understanding of their children’s online activities.

Cons of the Circle Internet Filter

1. Can be bypassed – Some tech-savvy children may find ways to bypass the filtering rules set by their parents. However, the company is continuously working on improving the device’s security.

2. Limited control over encrypted websites – The Circle Internet Filter may not be able to filter or monitor encrypted websites, such as banking or shopping sites.

3. Cost – The device itself is reasonably priced, but the optional subscription service, Circle Go, comes at an additional cost of $9.99 per month.

4. Requires a home Wi-Fi network – The Circle Internet Filter is only effective when connected to a home Wi-Fi network. This means that it cannot be used for devices connected to cellular data.


The Circle Internet Filter is an excellent tool for parents to manage and control their children’s online activities. With its various filtering options and user-friendly app, parents can have a better understanding of their children’s online habits and ensure a safe and healthy online experience. While it may have some limitations, the device is continuously evolving to provide better security and filtering capabilities. Ultimately, it is up to each family to decide if the Circle Internet Filter is the right tool for their household. However, it is definitely worth considering for families looking for a way to manage their children’s internet usage.

how to screenshot on snapchat 2022

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among the younger generation. It is known for its unique features, such as disappearing messages, filters, and stories. One of the concerns that many users have is how to take a screenshot on Snapchat without the other person knowing. In this article, we will discuss various methods and tips on how to screenshot on Snapchat in 2022.

Why Take a Screenshot on Snapchat?

Before we dive into the methods of taking a screenshot on Snapchat, let’s first understand why people want to take a screenshot in the first place. Snapchat has a feature that notifies the sender when someone takes a screenshot of their snap. This notification feature was introduced to protect the privacy of users and prevent them from sharing someone else’s snap without their permission.

However, this notification feature has caused many users to face consequences when they take a screenshot of a conversation or a snap. For instance, if someone sends you a funny or embarrassing snap, you might want to save it for later. Or, if someone sends you important information, you might want to take a screenshot for future reference. In such cases, taking a screenshot on Snapchat becomes necessary.

How to Screenshot on Snapchat without the Other Person Knowing?

Now, let’s discuss the methods of taking a screenshot on Snapchat without letting the other person know.

1. Use Another Device

The easiest way to take a screenshot on Snapchat without notifying the other person is by using another device. For instance, if you have received a snap on your phone, you can use a camera or another phone to capture the snap. This way, the other person will not receive any notification, and you can save the snap without any consequences.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Another method to take a screenshot on Snapchat without the sender knowing is by using the airplane mode. To do this, open the snap and ensure that it is fully loaded. Then, turn on the airplane mode on your phone. This will prevent your phone from sending any notifications to the Snapchat server. Now, take a screenshot of the snap, and the sender will not receive any notification.

3. Use a Third-Party App

There are many third-party apps available that claim to help you take a screenshot on Snapchat without notifying the sender. These apps work by taking a screenshot of your phone’s screen and not the actual snap. Some popular apps are Sneakaboo, SnapBox, and SnapCapture. However, using such apps is not recommended as they may violate Snapchat’s terms of use and can lead to your account being suspended or banned.

4. Use QuickTime on Mac

If you are using Snapchat on your Mac, you can use QuickTime to take a screenshot without notifying the sender. Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open QuickTime. Then, select “New Movie Recording” from the File menu. Click on the arrow next to the record button and select your iPhone as the camera and microphone source. Now, open the snap on your iPhone and click on the record button on QuickTime. This will capture your iPhone’s screen, including the snap, without sending any notification to the sender.

5. Use a Screen Recording App

Another way to take a screenshot on Snapchat without the sender knowing is by using a screen recording app. These apps work by recording your phone’s screen while you open the snap. Some popular apps are AZ Screen Recorder and DU Recorder. However, like third-party apps, using these screen recording apps may violate Snapchat’s terms of use and can lead to your account being suspended or banned.

Tips to Avoid Getting Caught When Taking a Screenshot on Snapchat

1. turn off the Internet Connection

If you are using a phone that does not have an airplane mode, you can turn off the internet connection before opening the snap. This way, the snap will not load, and you will not receive any notification when you take a screenshot.

2. Use a Second Snapchat Account

Another way to avoid getting caught is by using a second Snapchat account. You can add the person on your second account and open the snap without any worries. However, this method can be time-consuming and may not be practical for everyone.

3. Ask for Permission

The safest and most ethical way to take a screenshot on Snapchat is by asking for permission from the sender. This way, you can avoid any misunderstandings or consequences.

4. Use Snapchat’s Built-in Screenshot Feature

Snapchat has a built-in screenshot feature that allows you to take a screenshot without notifying the other person. To enable this feature, go to your Snapchat settings and select “Memories.” Then, turn on the “Save to Camera Roll” option. Now, when you take a screenshot, it will be saved to your camera roll, and the sender will not receive any notification.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, taking a screenshot on Snapchat without notifying the other person can be tricky, but it is not impossible. However, it is essential to remember that taking a screenshot without someone’s knowledge is not ethical, and it can lead to consequences. It is always better to ask for permission or use one of the methods mentioned above to avoid getting caught. As technology continues to evolve, Snapchat may also introduce new features that may make it difficult to take a screenshot without notifying the sender. Therefore, it is essential to use these methods responsibly and only when necessary.

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